Digital Mammography

Digital Mammography Overview

Digital mammography is a screening process used to detect breast cancer. Images are stored and retrieved electronically, eliminating the time needed for the development of film. Digital mammograms give a much clearer, sharper image that can easily be enhanced. This screening technique provides less of a wait time for our patients.

3D Mammography

It is our commitment to each patient to provide the latest, most comprehensive technology for women’s health. For that reason, we are pleased to offer the option of a 3D mammography.

Also known as breast tomosynthesis, a 3D mammogram consists of multiple breast images taken in seconds to produce a 3D image. The doctor looks through the tissue one millimeter at a time seeing detail inside the breast.

Facts About Digital Mammography:

  • Images provide more detail and better clarity.
  • Digital images can be easily manipulated.
  • Technicians have the ability to see immediately if the captured image is satisfactory.
  • The need to take multiple exposures is reduced.
  • Images can quickly and easily be sent to another location.

ACS Recommendations

The American Cancer Society recommends women over the age of 40 have a routine mammogram once a year. Mammograms can detect abnormalities in the breast even before they can be felt by a clinical breast exam, enabling doctors to catch diseases at their earliest stages and reducing the risk of dying from breast cancer by 30 percent.

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