Pharmacy Overview

At Hattiesburg Clinic, our pharmacists not only dispense medication to patients, but also answer any questions that you may have about prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, or health concerns. Additionally, we can help our patients understand the proper use, side effects and storage of prescribed medicine.

Why is a pharmacist important to my health?

Selecting the right pharmacy is an important part of your overall health. An excellent medical team includes a pharmacy and pharmacist capable of caring for each patient’s specific needs. Our pharmacists are knowledgeable on the uses and effects of drugs and interactions with other drugs. They can help monitor these factors and advise patients on medication usage. They can also provide guidance for over-the-counter medications and remedies used to treat non-serious medical conditions, such as a cold, headache or upset stomach as well as offer wellness options for vitamins and supplements.

Common Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist:

  • How should I use my medication?
  • What if I forget to take my medication or take a dose incorrectly?
  • How long will I need to take the medication?
  • Does my medication have any side effects?
  • Can I take non-prescription drugs or other drugs with this medicine?
  • Does my medication need to be stored a certain way?