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Community Support

For more than 50 years, Hattiesburg Clinic has been committed to helping our patients and friends in the communities where we serve.

Therefore, we offer businesses and organizations the opportunity to partner with us.


**Please note that Hattiesburg Clinic is currently not accepting new sponsorship and charitable contributions requests.  We will update this site as new information becomes available.**

As one of the largest employers in our region, Hattiesburg Clinic is committed to supporting the communities we serve. Every year, Hattiesburg Clinic receives many requests for support from many community groups and organizations. The challenge is to determine the best way to support these initiatives.


• Health and Social Services

• Education

• Economic/Community Development

We recognize there are many opportunities available to provide assistance through sponsorships and for this reason, we have developed the following criteria which will be used to determine financial or organization support.

Contribution requests will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. Requests received after deadline will not be considered until the next occurring deadline

Submission for request is based on date of event and must be submitted 12 weeks prior to events

If funded, a post-event evaluation form must be filled out and returned within thirty (30) days from event

All organizations must be located in the community served by Hattiesburg Clinic

If the request is for a donation only, the applicable portion of the form must be filled out

National organization requests must be centered around local events and must demonstrate local benefits and outcomes

Multiple sponsorships will not be extended to the same organization during a given year

All requests must be accompanied with a W9 and copy of tax-exempt status

Unless approved, annual and/or automatic contributions will not be granted

Annual requests must be submitted each year

If application is not filled out entirely and does not indicate support to health, education, economic or community development application will not be considered

All approved requests will be notified within 30 days of submitted by date


Individuals or individual endeavors

Religious, fraternal, political or labor organizations

Alcohol, tobacco and/or gambling-themed events and fundraisers

High School athletic teams sponsorships or athletic scholarships

High School/Middle School/Elementary School-affiliated orchestras, bands, choirs, drama groups, yearbooks or class parties

Family reunions

Beauty contests or candidates

Guidelines for Sponsorships & Charitable Donations


Departments of Hattiesburg Clinic may use their own discretion in determining direct departmental support of external organizations. Hattiesburg Clinic as a whole, may or may not choose to co-sponsor/support these events or organizations.

In the case where a department decides to directly support an external organization you will work directly with that department.


• Financial

• Event participation/volunteering/fundraising

• Gift baskets, gift certificates, and other related give aways

You may download the form by clicking on the link below.

Sponsorship & Charitable Donations Request Form

Sponsorship Guidelines

Advertising Request Form

Sponsorship Evaluation Form

Send all request forms to:

Marketing & Communications
415 South 28th Ave.
Hattiesburg MS 39401
Phone: 601-261-3689


Supporting Our Community Through Local Businesses

What is a PRIDE Perk?

PRIDE – Personal Responsibility IDelivering Excellence – is an acronym that was developed to encourage Hattiesburg Clinic employees to excel. For more than 25 years, PRIDE has been a clinic-wide term that places emphasis on sustaining and enhancing patient and employee satisfaction.

To show appreciation for the dedication and hard work of our employees, Hattiesburg Clinic joins forces with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts. These discounts, known as PRIDE perks, boost morale while encouraging our employees to buy local.

As one of the largest employers in the Pine Belt, Hattiesburg Clinic employees play an important role in the economic development of Hattiesburg. Becoming a PRIDE Perks business allows you an opportunity to attract customers, while also showing support to employees who work to provide care for those in the community.

Benefits for a PRIDE Perks Business

There are numerous benefits to becoming a PRIDE Perks business.

  • Information about your business and discount is announced on our employee intranet and our weekly newsletter, The Pulse.
  • Your business will be featured as a “PRIDE Perks Spotlight” at least once each year during your membership.
  • Any additional specials or sales offered by your business can be featured on our exclusive employee platforms throughout the year.
  • Your business name, website and discount are listed on the clinic’s PRIDE portal. The PRIDE portal is an internal site where employees participate in company surveys, purchase Hattiesburg Clinic T-shirts and special event tickets, etc.
  • You will receive a “PRIDE Perks Business” vinyl decal to display in a front window to let Hattiesburg Clinic employees know you’re a part of the program.

Sign up today and start reaching customers in new way!


    *The suggested discount is 15% off of total purchase for Hattiesburg Clinic employees when they present their PRIDE Perks card.
    **If you choose to terminate your contract before the date listed above, we ask that you give at least 30 days notice so that we can inform our employees.
    For more information, call Hattiesburg Clinic Marketing & Communications at (601) 268-5606.