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Charitable Contributions & Sponsorships

At Hattiesburg Clinic, our goal is to be the health care provider of choice with a focus on excellence and service to the patient.  We understand that carries a lot of responsibility both in and out of our medical clinics.  It is a focus on making the communities we serve healthier. It also includes partnering with other community organizations and sharing in the commitment to make a larger impact – together.  We will support 501-based organizations that provide improvement in our communities in the following areas:

  • Health-related Initiatives: Our number one priority is the health of our patients, employees and community. This includes providing assistance that closes the gap on health disparities, getting people the care they need and finding cures for the diseases that affect our communities every day.
  • Economic Development: We believe, as the health care provider of choice and one of the largest employers in the area, we are committed to improving the lives of our greater populations through improved infrastructure, job creation and overall quality of life.
  • Education: In order to improve quality of life, we believe we need to start improving outcomes early, specifically in the area of education. Our goal is to help provide opportunities that will advance knowledge and development, thereby giving our children a better chance for success in life.

What we need from our collaborations is a commitment to outcomes for larger populations, specifically in our 17-county service area.  This means more than simply counting the people who attend an event, social media impressions or logos on a sign.  These outcomes are about improving the lives of our friends, neighbors and family.  Why?  Because we care about you. All organizations who receive financial support from Hattiesburg Clinic will be required to provide outcomes 90 days after completion of the event, initiative or program, or as agreed upon with Hattiesburg Clinic. The organization will not receive additional funding unless this has been completed. Additionally, if the organization is requesting support over multiple years, those must be submitted annually unless otherwise approved. If a multiple-year agreement has been approved, outcomes must be provided, at agreed-upon timeframes.  Finally, Hattiesburg Clinic will accept a maximum of one application per year or funding initiative (depending on which one is longer) from each organization. 

Hattiesburg Clinic Does Not Provide Support for the Following:

While Hattiesburg Clinic would like to support every need in our community, we have to be strategic, so we can make the largest impact.  In general, Hattiesburg Clinic as a corporation, is not able to support the following:

  • Arts groups or programs
  • Banners or ad programs
  • Elementary, middle, high school, or higher education-affiliated extra-curricular activities (e.g., speech/debate clubs, fraternity/sorority events, band or choral activities, including travel)
  • Individuals or individual endeavors
  • Pageants
  • Political initiatives
  • Religious initiatives
  • Sports teams or sports programs

Also, from time to time, Hattiesburg Clinic is asked to support a community project that is memorializing an employee or a member of an employee’s family. These situations are tragic, and we grieve for our employees as they endure these losses. Because of the personal and sensitive nature of these circumstances, Hattiesburg Clinic has developed mechanisms internally to support our clinic family.

Review Cycles

Hattiesburg Clinic sponsorships and partnerships will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and must be presented at least 90 days prior to the start of the initiative.  We will respond to requests within 60 days of the “received by” date. Review cycles are as follows:

Hattiesburg Clinic’s Medical Department Support

Hattiesburg Clinic’s various medical departments may use their discretion in determining direct departmental support of external organizations. An external organization requesting support from a specific medical department must indicate that specific department on the form.  Please note: the submission form is still required.  If the medical department decides to directly support an external organization, the organizational representative will work directly with that department. These requests can be submitted to a department at any time during the year, as long as it is 90 days prior to the deadline or beginning of the project.

Forms & Applications

Are you looking for support or a speaker for your event? Click the appropriate link below and fill out the request as noted.  A representative from Hattiesburg Clinic’s Marketing & Communications staff will contact you within five business days of your request.

Important: Applications must be submitted with all questions answered prior to the deadlines mentioned here to be considered for support.

Community Support Form
Community Support Evaluation Form
Speaker Request Form

Should you have any questions, please email:

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