Podiatry Overview

Hattiesburg Clinic Podiatry provides medical and surgical treatment for conditions that affect the feet. Feet are complex structures with many bones, tendons, and ligaments that have to work together perfectly to keep you moving. Improper foot care can affect your overall health and cause additional ailments. Proper treatment of foot conditions can eliminate your pain and give you happier, healthier feet.

Podiatry offers therapies for conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, diabetic foot care, corns, calluses, ingrown or fungal toenails, warts, heel/arch pain, childhood deformities, sprains and injuries. Additional services include custom molded shoes for diabetics and extra depth diabetic custom mold AFO braces for dropfoot deformity due to stroke, or other illnesses and custom-made foot orthoses. Podiatry performs PADnet testing for early detection of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) in lower extremities. They also offer ClearSense™ laser treatment for the clearing of onchomycozis (fungus), as well as laser removal of warts.