Clinical Research and Trials

Hattiesburg Clinic is proud to be making advances in medical technology, services and techniques through various clinical research opportunities.

Clinical Research and Trials Overview

Clinical research helps determine the safety and efficacy of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatments. The research may include prevention, treatment, diagnosis or relieving symptoms of a disease.

There are two main types of clinical research: observational studies and clinical trials. Observational studies aim to identify and analyze patterns in medical data or biological samples. Clinical trials test the effects of medical interventions such as medication, procedures or tools.

Participating in clinical research is important for the advancements of medical technology and practices. Participants generally find that knowing they are helping others and working to advance health care can be very rewarding.

About Clinical Research Studies

The clinical research team at Hattiesburg Clinic participates in clinical studies to help with the advancement of medical technology and practices. The clinical study opportunities are frequent and have already resulted in breakthrough treatments internationally. Through these studies, we are able to look at new ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases.

About Hematology/Oncology Clinical Research Trials

Hattiesburg Clinic is passionate about our patients’ quality of life through the advancement of medicine. As part of our commitment to patient care and healing, our Hematology/Oncology providers conduct clinical research studies. Our physicians have been active in hematology/oncology research for over 20 years and are committed to improving care and outcomes for our hematologic and oncologic patients.

About Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials

Hattiesburg Clinic conducts clinical trials that focus on neurological therapeutics, with Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) being areas of special interest and expertise. Basic research techniques generate ideas about which medical strategies may be likely to help alleviate symptoms of an illness or disease. Clinical research protocols are then developed in order to test these hypotheses.

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