Blood Flow Restriction

Hattiesburg Clinic’s physical and occupational therapists offer blood flow restriction to help patients recover from injury or surgery.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Overview

For patients who are recovering from an injury or surgery, the Delphi System blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy helps encourage the healing process. It can be used to treat most upper and lower-body injuries, along with strengthening a variety of muscles to help patients return to daily activities. Blood flow restriction is often part of a larger physical or occupational therapy plan, combined with other forms of therapy.

How does blood flow restriction therapy work?

Blood flow restriction therapy works by exercising a certain muscle group while limiting blood flow to the area. This allows the body to rebuild muscle growth, strength and endurance without stressing tissues or joints that are still healing. Patients will wear a cuff (like the one worn during blood pressure checks) to temporarily restrict blood flow to the area of concern. The amount of pressure applied through the cuff will vary per patient. A patient’s physical or occupational therapist can answer questions regarding their specific treatment plan.

Blood Flow Restriction Benefits

BFR therapy reduces the oxygen level in certain muscles to make the body think it’s working harder than it actually is. This allows patients to receive the same benefits from lifting lighter weights and performing less-intensive exercises than exercises of a higher intensity. Essentially, less work is needed to increase the hormones needed to repair muscles and help patients become stronger. Blood flow restriction therapy is a great option for patients who have weight-bearing restrictions after recovering from an injury or surgery.

Other key benefits of blood flow restriction include:

  • Prevents muscle atrophy
  • Prevents loss of strength
  • Improves muscle activation and growth hormone responses
  • Increases muscle endurance, strength and hypertrophy with less work and in less time

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy at Hattiesburg Clinic

Hattiesburg Clinic is pleased to offer quick and quality care to those in Mississippi. Patients recovering from an injury or surgery can benefit from blood flow restriction therapy. Our licensed physical and occupational therapists are experienced in designing treatment and exercise plans to help patients regain strength and mobility. Learn more about our locations below or contact our team to get started.

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