Trigger Point Injection Overview

Hattiesburg Clinic offers trigger point injections as a non-surgical treatment option for spasms and inflammation in the neck, lower or middle back. Trigger points are knots in the skeletal muscle that radiate pain when pressed and are often a symptom of musculoskeletal disorders such as fibromyalgia.

Not all trigger points require injection. Most candidates for trigger point injections have attempted physical therapy and/or medications but have not found relief. However, for chronic trigger points, trigger point injections are an effective treatment.

During a trigger point injection, a provider uses a small needle to insert a local anesthetic or steroid into the patient’s trigger point. This procedure, which does not require x-ray or ultrasound guidance, takes 10-15 minutes and is performed in-office. While each patient varies, trigger point injections can provide pain relief for weeks to months.