Nancy S. Harrison, MD, Discusses Osteoporosis and Bone Health with American Medical Association

Nancy S. Harrison, MD, a physician with Hattiesburg Clinic The Arthritis Center – West, recently discussed osteoporosis and bone health with American Medical Association.

Bone health is crucial for overall wellness, yet millions globally face the bone-weakening condition known as osteoporosis. Often undetected until a fracture occurs, this condition is especially dangerous for older individuals. 

“Patients with osteoporosis have low bone mass due to disruption of the normal structure of the bone,” Dr. Harrison explained, stating, “the spine, the hip and the wrist are the most common areas for a fracture to occur.” She added that osteoporosis is most common in women, usually affecting 50% of females over the age of 65 and one in four males over the age of 65.

Women 65 or older should begin osteoporosis or bone density screening. Those who have a family history of osteoporosis are at higher risk, so they may require screening at an earlier age. Harrison said, “Females with premature menopause, smoking or heavy drinking history are at increased risk and may need to get screened earlier.” 

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