Audiograms & Hearing Tests

Hattiesburg Clinic provides hearing tests and audiograms for employers in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area.

Audiograms & Hearing Tests Overview

Focusing on the health and wellness of your employees helps ensure team members are healthy and fit to work. Hattiesburg Clinic is pleased to offer a variety of onsite occupational medicine services, including audiograms to employers in South Mississippi. Coordinated through HealthWorksLLC, a service of Forrest General Hospital and Hattiesburg Clinic, our team provides a network of occupational health and safety services to keep your employees safe and healthy.

Workplace Hearing Testing in Hattiesburg

Companies with an environment exceeding the mandated action level are required by OSHA to perform annual audiometric testing. This annual type of testing allows employees to understand more about their hearing changes over time and if further action is required to protect their hearing. For safety reasons, it’s critical for employers in the following industries, along with others, to provide hearing tests for work:

  • Railroad
  • Energy/Power
  • Construction
  • Physical Plant Operations
  • Lumber
  • Manufacturing

Onsite Employee Hearing Exams

If your company is required by an OSHA hearing conservation program to perform annual testing and record keeping, choose Hattiesburg Clinic for a certified hearing conservationist onsite. To make maintaining compliance as simple as possible, Hattiesburg Clinic offers onsite employee hearing exams. Our team will come to your location and perform our audiometric testing on site, so employees do not have to travel for their testing. Benefits of choosing onsite employee hearing tests include:

  • Eliminates the need to travel for testing
  • Improves company image and employee morale
  • Boosts employee engagement and productivity
  • Supports employee health and safety
  • Reduces absenteeism in the workplace
  • Helps ensure OSHA compliance

Schedule a Hearing Test for Work

Employers who are interested in onsite audiometric testing can contact Hattiesburg Clinic to get started. Whether you need audiograms for all employees at once or need baseline testing for new hires, our team has the resources to build a program that meets your needs. Our physicians have developed a quick, yet efficient process for employee testing so that patients receive a quality visit, your company remains compliant and documents are handled correctly.

In addition to workplace hearing tests, Hattiesburg Clinic Occupational Medicine also provides drug and alcohol testing, employee physicals (including DOT physicals), onsite employee health and wellness programs and other healthcare services to employers. Contact our team today to learn more or get started.

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