Drug & Alcohol Testing

Hattiesburg Clinic Occupational Medicine has a team of certified physicians who specialize in reliable drug and alcohol screenings. Learn more today.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Overview

Hattiesburg Clinic Occupational Medicine is committed to helping employers keep and maintain a healthy and safe workplace through alcohol and drug testing.

We offer many different types of screenings to fit each company’s individual needs. Whether you are a company needing drug and alcohol testing for your employees, or your workplace has required one of these screenings from you, we can help.

Drug and alcohol screenings allow employers to ensure a safe and productive workplace. In many instances, it is mandated by state and federal regulations based on your job duties. For instance, commercial drivers are required by law to be tested. We know that each company has unique needs and Hattiesburg is here to help with all of them. Whether it is required for your industry or part of compliance, we have the tools you need.

Our Testing Solutions

Our certified medical team offers a wide range of testing capabilities, including:

  • Breath Alcohol Testing – This quick test can confirm if an employee has consumed alcohol. This is crucial in many industries, especially those where driving or operating machinery is part of an employee’s job duties.
  • Urine Screenings – One of the most common screenings, this test can determine if an employee or future employee has been using drugs. It can detect the presence of alcohol, marijuana, amphetamines, opioids and many other drugs.
  • Hair Testing – Hair testing is valuable because it provides an in depth look at an individual’s drug use. It can identify the use of drugs in the past 90 days.
  • Blood Testing – Blood tests are more invasive but provide an understanding of the concentration of drugs and degree of intoxication at a given point in time.
  • DOT Testing– We offer DOT and non-DOT testing to employees and employers.

Who Needs a Drug and Alcohol Test?

This depends on the industry, workplace, job duties and hiring requirements. Drug and alcohol tests play a key role in ensuring a healthy and safe workplace. We typically see employers utilize these screenings for things like pre-employment, random screenings, DOT screenings, reasonable suspicion, post-accident and more.

Learn More About Our Options

It is important to partner with a trusted team when drug and alcohol testing is involved. The accuracy and sensitivity of this information is crucial. Hattiesburg Clinic Occupational Medicine has a team of certified physicians who specialize in reliable screenings. Contact us today to learn more.

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