Hattiesburg Clinic presents new Welcome Kiosks

To simplify your check-in process, Hattiesburg Clinic is pleased to introduce the launch of our newly designed Welcome Kiosks with more features. The first will be found at Hattiesburg Clinic Bellevue, located at 7148 US-98 in Hattiesburg.

The kiosk allows patients to save time by quickly checking in for their appointment, updating any necessary information before their appointment and paying their copay with a credit or debit card. This step-by-step tool was designed with patient convenience and ease of use in mind. Patients can also complete pre-appointment questionnaires, check out after their appointment and book follow-up appointments at the kiosk.

Marcia Modica, director of Hattiesburg Clinic Scheduling Applications, said, “The new kiosks are a great option for patients who like greater control over their information and do not want to have open conversations at the front desk. Patients who complete eCheck-in before arrival and use the kiosk upon arrival are checked in faster for their appointment.”

As the kiosks roll out, take advantage of the convenience. And for more ways to expedite the check-in process, follow this link to read more about eCheck-in and Hello Patient: https://www.hattiesburgclinic.com/iris/