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Iris – Access Your Medical Information Online

Iris is a secure online connection to your health care providers and records at Hattiesburg Clinic. With Iris, you can access your online medical record at your convenience. Manage your appointments, access portions of your medical record, review test results, renew prescriptions and more through your account.

Set up Your Iris Account

There are two ways to set up an Iris account.

1)    Ask for an activation code at an office appointment to complete the online application process. Once you have your activation code, click the button below and complete the online form.


2)    Set up your own Iris account through our website.

To create your own account:

  • Select the Iris logo at the top right of the Hattiesburg Clinic home page.
  • At the Iris login page, click “Sign Up Now.”
  • Then click “Request Online.”
  • Fill in the form and create a username and password. Afterwards, your account will be accessible.
  • Your information must match Hattiesburg Clinic’s records. If the information used to create the account does not match, a letter will be sent to you within 5 – 7 business days. This letter will inform you on how to activate your new Iris account.

 For a list of frequently asked questions, click here.

Caregivers & Proxy Access

Iris makes managing your family’s health easy. Caregivers can link to a family member’s account, making the management of multiple accounts possible with one login. This is a beneficial feature for:

    • Parents/legal guardians of minors.
    • Legal guardians/caregivers with Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare of dependent adults.
    • Adults who manage another adult’s health care such as a spouse or elderly parent.

Proxy can only be granted to you with permission of the other individual. Consent must be submitted via a proxy form. Both parties must be present to complete the form so that a Hattiesburg Clinic staff member can serve as a witness. If you have a child under the age of 14, consent from the child is not required for you to receive proxy access; or if you have been granted Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare of dependent adults, simply present that documentation at the time you request proxy access if it is not already on file. Click below to download the appropriate form to complete at your providers’ office.

Iris Smartphone App

Iris available on iPhone and Android devices through the “MyChart®” app. The MyChart® mobile application is currently available on the Apple® App Store and on Google Play for Android phones.

Download the app in 3 easy steps:

1. Search and download the “MyChart” app on your smartphone.



2. Search for “Iris.”

3. Enter your username and password to log in.

Scheduling Mammograms Through Iris

With Iris, Hattiesburg Clinic’s online patient portal, you can conveniently schedule a mammogram online or from the MyChart® app on your phone.

In Iris:

  • After logging in to Iris, click the Mammo Routine Screening in your To Do list.
  • Click “Schedule” and then “Mammo Appointment.”
  • From there, follow the remaining instructions and confirm the information requested.
  • Then, click “Make Appointment,” and you’re finished!

In the MyChart® app:

  • After logging in to the MyChart® app, tap “Appointments.”
  • Then, tap “Schedule an Appointment.”
  • Scroll down and tap “Use a Scheduling Ticket.”
  • Tap “Mammo Appointment.”
  • From there, follow the remaining instructions and confirm the information requested.
  • Lastly, tap “Make Appointment” and then “OK.” Your appointment is scheduled!

For assistance, please call the Iris Help Desk at 601.579.5432.