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Yearly Review: Vaccination Rates in Mississippi

In an interview with WDAM, Rambod A. Rouhbakhsh, MD, principal investigator with Hattiesburg Clinic MediSync® Clinical Research, shared his analysis of Mississippi’s vaccination rates over the past year. Rouhbakhsh identified the initial peak of vaccinations as having occurred the week of Feb. 27 through March 6.

“If you recall, we first got access to the vaccines around that time,” Rouhbakhsh said. “So, the people that were geared up and ready to go, a lot of us physicians, got vaccinated at that time. A lot of elderly folks that had a reasonable fear for their lives with this illness got vaccinated.”

Vaccination rates steadily declined throughout the summer months – until Delta arrived on the scene in late July and early August. The spike in coronavirus cases may have spurred the second surge in vaccinations. However, the increased interest in getting vaccinated also happened around the time the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine received full FDA approval, making it hard to decipher which factor is responsible for the peak in vaccinations.

“There is a confounding variable, and the confounding variable is the fact that the delta variant was peaking at that time,” said Rouhbakhsh. “It is difficult to tell whether it was due to full approval being given or people’s concerns about the delta variant, but we did see a spike in vaccinations around that time.”

Follow the link for the full interview and to learn more about the COVID vaccination rates in 2021: https://www.wdam.com/2021/12/28/year-review-vaccination-rates-mississippi/

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