Friday Night Injury Clinic Available to Student Athletes

Hattiesburg Clinic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is offering a Friday Night Injury Clinic to local student athletes throughout the high school football season. The goal of the Injury Clinic is to provide injured players care instead of visiting an ER or urgent care.

At the Friday Night Injury Clinic, Hattiesburg Clinic’s team of sports medicine physicians and athletic trainers treat routine injuries and provide services, including wound care, physical therapy, radiological services, casting and more. For players with suspected concussions, physicians are available to assess the need for imaging.Those with a more severe injury will be referred to an emergency department.

“Friday Night Injury Clinic is important because our student athletes are important,” Gary Stroud, MS, LAT, ATC, with Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine said. “It is important to our Hattiesburg Clinic Sports Medicine program to continually provide quality health care for our student athletes. When they get hurt at a Friday night game, we want to be able to provide relief without an ER visit or a long weekend of pain. Our Friday Night Injury Clinic gives parents peace in knowing their child can be comfortable when an injury occurs.”

The Injury Clinic is open Friday nights from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m., and is located in the Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine building at 103 Medical Park in Hattiesburg, next to Tatum Park. Hattiesburg Clinic athletic trainers covering games will contact the clinic before the parent and child arrive.

For more information about the Friday Night Injury Clinic, visit or call (601) 268-5622.


Hattiesburg Clinic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine treats a spectrum of orthopaedic conditions and diseases including musculoskeletal injuries, fractures and complex total joint reconstructions. They also provide outreach coverage of local school and community athletic events to provide onsite care for athletes and active people.