Hattiesburg Clinic managers attend, host booth at Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Educational Association Conference

Members of Hattiesburg Clinic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy recently traveled to Biloxi, Miss., to attend the 34th Annual Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Educational Association (MWCEA) Conference.

The annual three-day conference aims to promote, educate and improve upon the delivery of benefits to injured workers through seminars, lectures and networking opportunities. Over 600 of the state’s workers’ compensation community were in attendance., including employers, legal and health care professionals, rehabilitation providers, billing coordinators and insurers.

Ann Trigg, business manager of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, and Jason Helton, business manager of Physical Therapy, served as the clinic’s representatives at the event.

“It was a great learning experience, gaining knowledge on how we can better support the workers’ compensation system and injured workers,” Trigg said. “Jason and I enjoyed meeting and speaking with other attendees as well as sharing the ways the Hattiesburg Clinic strives to support and care for employees who are injured on the job.”

About The Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Educational Association 

The Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Educational Association (MWCEA) is an organization whose stated purpose is to promote, encourage and foster the advancement of education in the field of Mississippi workers’ compensation law and benefits, along with the rules and regulations, etc., through the dissemination of knowledge by publications, seminars, lectures and other means.