Surgery for Prostate Cancer

Hattiesburg Clinic offers a variety of procedures to treat prostate cancer, including radical prostatectomy and robotic prostate cancer surgery.

Prostate Cancer Surgery Overview

Prostate cancer is among the most common cancers in the United States, but as a slow-growing cancer, it is often very treatable. Surgery is the first line of defensive and sometimes the only treatment needed for patients whose cancer is still early and has not spread beyond the prostate.

While a person does not need a prostate to live, surgery on or removal of the prostate can have some long-term effects on a person’s urinary tract and sexual health. Hattiesburg Clinic offers the latest advancements in prostate surgery and a high degree of surgical expertise, focusing on limiting negative side effects and complications after prostate cancer surgery.

Types of Prostate Cancer Surgery

Radical prostatectomy

Complete removal of the prostate, called radical prostatectomy, is the primary surgical treatment for prostate cancer. Sometimes, tissue around the prostate will be removed, including the seminal vesicles.

Benefits of robotic prostate cancer surgery

Hattiesburg Clinic is one of the few providers in the region that offers robotic prostate cancer surgery. In this procedure, your urologist will make a few much smaller incisions, guide a laparoscopic camera into the site of the surgery and operate the small arms of the Da Vinci robot to perform the surgery. Robotic prostate surgery offers the following benefits for patients:

  • Less pain, shortened hospital stay and faster recovery because of the much smaller incisions needed to perform the surgery
  • Lessened risks of complications and side effects during and after the surgery because of the high precision of the robotic approach

Why Choose Hattiesburg Clinic?

As your trusted partner in urinary and sexual health, Hattiesburg Clinic has comprehensive expertise for anyone experiencing prostate issues, from prostate enlargement (BPH) to prostate cancer. As one of the only groups in the region offering robotic prostate surgery, we have the latest advancements in urologic technology, benefiting our patients with high-quality outcomes and less pain and complications in recovery.


Next Steps

If you are having prostate issues or have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, the urologists at Hattiesburg Clinic can help. Reach out to our team with any questions about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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