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Urology: Vasectomy Services - FAQ

Hattiesburg Clinic Urology offers a service that provides permanent birth control for men. Known as a vasectomy, this simple procedure is the most effective form of contraception for men. For additional questions you may have, please see the list below.

If you have read all of the information we have provided and are interested in speaking with one of our urologists, please call 601-268-5888 to schedule a consultation.


How do I know if this procedure is right for me?

Most men choosing this procedure are confident that their family is complete. Before having a vasectomy, you should be confident that there is no circumstance that could lead you to want children in the future. No matter what age or stage of life, a vasectomy should be a well-thought decision that is considered permanent.


Does a vasectomy affect sexual activity?

The procedure does not cause any changes that would interfere with sexual activity.


Are there any risks associated with a vasectomy?

As with all medical procedures, potential risks are associated. However, most common side effects are short-term inflammation and pain.  These can be treated with medication.


How long is recovery after a vasectomy?

Because each patient is unique, the recovery process may vary. However, the average recommended recovery time is two days. To avoid complications, the patient should stay off of his feet as much as possible during the recovery time.


Is a vasectomy covered by insurance?

Many insurance companies cover most of the cost of a vasectomy. However, insurance coverage and cost to the patient will be discussed during an initial consultation.


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