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Hattiesburg Clinic Offers Texting

Hattiesburg Clinic offers text messaging for appointment and health maintenance reminders.

Rather than receiving phone calls, patients can now get text messages sent directly to their mobile phones. These messages will include the provider, date, time and location of the scheduled appointment and will be sent two days in advance to the patient.

Patients can easily confirm or cancel their appointments by responding, “Ok” or “No” to the message. These messages, which provide the same convenient reminders as phone calls, allow for little or no interruption to patients’ regular activities.

Additionally, texting allows providers to better care for their patients by alerting them to any overdue health maintenance services between office visits. For instance, patients can be reminded of important immunizations and preventative screenings, such as flu shots for children or mammograms for women, all through a quick and discreet text message.

This service is free* and easy to use. To enroll, patients can simply text the message “992700″ to the phone number 99140 using the cell phone listed in the mobile field of the patients’ medical records. Patients may also enroll by filling out the form located on this page.

Please note: Text alerts will only be received if patients list their cell phone number in the mobile field of their medical records. Patients can confirm this information is up-to-date by logging into Iris, calling the provider’s office or by speaking with a receptionist at the next appointment.

*Standard messaging and data rates may still apply. 



  • I signed up as directed. Why am I not receiving text reminders? Patients will only receive text messages if the mobile number is properly listed in the mobile field of their medical records. This information can be updated by logging into Iris or speaking with a receptionist. Once this information is verified, please be sure to enroll for text reminders by sending “992700” to the number 99140.
    . Appointment reminder phone calls will still be received until the patient is successfully enrolled for texting options.
  • What if I need to reschedule my appointment time? After you have canceled your appointment by responding “No,” please call the receptionist at the appropriate office to reschedule the appointment for a suitable day or time.
  • What if I need to change my mobile number? Log in to Iris to update the mobile number, call the provider’s office or ask a receptionist at the next appointment for assistance. The opt-in process must be completed again in order to receive text messages sent to that device.
  • If I have opted in for text reminders will I still get phone calls for appointment reminders? Once a patient has successfully signed up for texting, they will no longer receive automated reminder phone calls. However, a provider’s office may call if there is a need to explain protocol prior to a procedure or follow up after an appointment.
  • Once I opt in, will I get texts for my children’s appointments? What about those for whom I am a caregiver? Yes, if patients currently receive appointment reminders via phone call, they will receive these notifications and health maintenance reminders via text after they opt in to text messaging. Again, please make sure that the cell phone number is listed in the mobile field of that patient’s medical record.