Gynecomastia Surgery

The expert plastic surgeons at Hattiesburg Clinic specialize in male breast reduction procedures.

Gynecomastia Surgery Overview

This procedure, also known as male breast reduction, reduces male breast size to flatten and enhance chest contours.

How is gynecomastia surgery performed?

Gynecomastia surgery generally begins with an incision on the edge of the nipple or in the underarm area – cutting excess fat, tissue and skin away. Frequently, men who undergo treatment for gynecomastia will require a blend of surgery and liposuction. If a patient’s breast consists of mostly excess glandular tissue, our board-certified plastic surgeons will cut the tissue out with a scalpel. However, if it is mostly fatty tissue, liposuction will be used. The incision site will then be covered with a dressing and the patient will be given a chest wrap to help hold the skin in place.

Male breast reduction procedures are typically outpatient procedures. The surgery usually lasts about an hour and a half.

Am I a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery?

Before considering gynecomastia surgery, it is important to make sure that breast development has stabilized. Additionally, if enlarged breasts are caused by taking certain medications, steroids or drugs – you may not be a good candidate for the procedure.

Ideal patients are of good health, exercise frequently and have fairly elastic skin.

What can I expect after gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia patients tend to experience swelling and discomfort after their male breast reduction. Pain medication can be prescribed to control any discomfort and an elastic pressure garment to wear for up to two weeks should reduce swelling.

While patients are encouraged to walk around immediately following surgery, they are advised to not participate in heavy exercise, sexual activity or anything else that may impact incisions or the chest area for a few weeks. Patients are permitted to return to work within a few days. Stitches will be removed within two weeks.

What are the typical results after gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia patients tend to be very happy with the results and often feel a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Why Choose Hattiesburg Clinic?

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