What to Expect at Connections

What to Expect Overview

At Connections, we collaborate with Hattiesburg Clinic Psychology & Counseling to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluation that includes detailed assessment from a medical provider, a licensed child psychologist and a speech-language pathologist. All of our clinicians are experts in the areas of child development and collaborate to provide an essential foundation from which individualized and empirically supported recommendations can be made.

Initial Appointment

During your initial appointment at Connections, you will meet with one of our medical providers to discuss current medical, behavioral, emotional, educational and/or other concerns which may be negatively impacting your child’s overall physical, mental or behavioral health, or academic performance. The medical provider will complete a history and physical examination of your child to rule out any pressing medical conditions or neurological issues, address immediate concerns and make additional referrals as needed.

Evaluation Process

Our psycho-educational evaluation is a team approach performed by a licensed psychologist and speech-language pathologist. The purpose of this evaluation is to understand how your child perceives, processes and expresses information in effort to make appropriate diagnoses and establish individualized recommendations for improved future outcomes.

Our clinicians will review documentation such as medical history, educational history, school placement and services, as well as current documentation from teachers. A comprehensive diagnostic interview, completed by the psychologist, will involve the caregiver and child and is designed to help determine your family’s needs and identify potential causes for any difficulties your child is experiencing.

The essential components of the psycho-educational assessment are individually determined based on your child’s needs. The following areas may be evaluated by our assessment team:

  • Intellectual ability
  • Reading achievement
  • Mathematics achievement
  • Language processing
  • Phonological processing
  • Fine-motor skills in writing
  • Overall writing development
  • Spelling ability and mechanics
  • Sentence construction
  • Social functioning
  • Adaptive behavior
  • Memory
  • Executive functioning
  • Social-emotional development
  • Mood
  • Behavioral compliance

Clinicians will be observing your child to note areas of test performance such as enthusiasm, creativity, frustration, fatigue, inattention, impulsivity, anxiety and use of compensatory strategies to facilitate work completion.

Feedback Conference

The assessment team will collaborate regarding our individual findings in an effort to provide appropriate recommendations for your child. Your last appointment in our “process” will include meetings with the educational consultant and medical provider. During these meetings, we will provide feedback regarding behavioral observations, standardized test results and diagnostic considerations. Most importantly, we will provide specific recommendations for your child.

Although pre-teen children are not typically present for this conference, most teenagers benefit from being involved with their plan of care and often attend this meeting with their guardian(s). Copies of our reports, informational handouts and appropriate medical or psychiatric referrals will be provided.

For your convenience, the feedback conference meetings may be completed virtually for families that live a reasonable distance from our clinic.

Team Roles

A family physician, pediatrician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant will perform a comprehensive history and physical exam, and they will discuss with the patient’s family the course of the remaining phases of their evaluations. After these evaluations are completed, these providers discuss the results as well as treatment recommendations going forward, which often include both medical and non-medical treatments. If medical treatment is considered, patients may choose to continue medical management at Connections, or they may choose to go to their primary care provider for treatment.

Speech-language pathologists at Connections provide part of the evaluation for most children evaluated for learning or attention problems. This is because problems with speech, language, reading or writing are so commonly present in kids who are struggling. Our speech-language pathologists also help parents understand what types of educational interventions or supports might benefit their child or adolescent after their evaluation.

Connections clinic is in the same building as Hattiesburg Clinic Psychology & Counseling. Patients at Connections get very thorough evaluations by psychologists, which help guide treatment recommendations. Psychological providers are also available to provide counseling or behavior therapy, which can improve the lives of so many children and families.

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