Hattiesburg Clinic launches digital prenatal education and pregnancy progress tracking app

Hattiesburg Clinic launched Pregnancy Care Companion, a feature available through Iris, modernizing the pregnancy journey. Pregnancy Care Companion offers pregnant patients and their families a simple way to keep track of their pregnancy progress and the baby’s development, helping guide families from the first trimester all the way through the countdown to the baby’s due date.

The program offers pregnant patients educational content and weekly reminders, which are tailored to their individual pregnancy experience. Patients are given tasks to complete during each trimester, including those that occur once per pregnancy, such as getting a TDAP vaccine in the third trimester, to daily tasks, such as taking a multivitamin with folic acid.

Pregnancy Care Companion features include:

  • Pregnancy planning and health reminders: Upcoming medical appointments, health insights, vaccinations and other tasks or screenings assigned by your provider.
  • Pregnancy progress and week-by-week pregnancy tracker: Synced with your electronic medical record, the app automatically updates your pregnancy progress that comes straight from your medical provider. Patients can also see the size of their baby during each month of pregnancy.
  • Educational materials, personalized content and expert advice: What to expect throughout each trimester, articles tailored for each patient’s pregnancy journey, daily tips on how to manage symptoms, nutritional advice and other healthy habits for pregnant patients.

Pregnancy Care Companion is available for all Hattiesburg Clinic patients with an active pregnancy and estimated due date in their Iris account. Pregnant patients can choose whether they would like to receive reminders and updates upon receiving a positive pregnancy test from their physician.

To learn more about Pregnancy Care Companion, talk to your OB-GYN or call (601) 268-5640.