Facial Procedures Gallery

Plastic surgery isn’t just about helping you look your best; it’s also about helping you feel great about your body. Plastic surgery procedures are designed to help correct and/or restore form and function.

At Hattiesburg Clinic Plastic Surgery, our physicians offer a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, including facial procedures.

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Patient Photo Gallery

Identifying marks have been removed from the images in these galleries in order to protect our patients’ privacy. No further digital editing has been performed on these images.


Graphic Content and Nudity Warning

The hidden images below may contain pictures of incisions and pre- and post-operative photos of private parts of the body pertaining to plastic surgery, and these may be disturbing to some people. User discretion is advised. If you are under the age of 18, please exit now.

Facial Procedures by Adam N. Franklin, MD
Adam N. Franklin, MD

Facial Procedures by Richard A. Pecunia, MD, FACS
Richard A. Pecunia, MD, FACS

Facial Procedures by Petra R. Schneider-Redden, MD, FACS
Petra R. Schneider-Redden, MD, FACS

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