Dustin Pitts, R.NCS.T., Nerve Conduction Study Technologist Certification

Congratulations to Dustin Pitts, RNCST, of Hattiesburg Clinic Neurology – Lincoln Center, who has been certified as a registered nerve conduction study technologist. This achievement makes Pitts one of only a few lab technicians in Mississippi to hold this certification and the first to be certified in this specialized field at Hattiesburg Clinic.

The role of a Registered Nerve Conduction Study Technologist holds a crucial place in enhancing the quality of health care services. This certification, offered by the The Nerve Conduction Association, not only reinforces Pitts’ expertise but also ensures a deep understanding of nerve conduction principles, instrumentation and the ability to conduct precise and accurate tests. This significantly benefits Hattiesburg Clinic physicians by expanding the availability and reliability of testing for neurologists and family medicine doctors.

“This certification opens up the possibility of increased blink reflex studies and things we couldn’t do before,” said Pitts. “It allows our neurologists more options and confidence when ordering these tests.”

Pitts has been certified to administer a number of tests including blink reflex studies, nerve conduction studies, electromyography, evoked potential tests and more. For patients, this means Pitts’ specialized knowledge helps ensure standardized procedures and accurate test results, contributing to more reliable diagnoses. This not only streamlines treatment plans but also leads to improved patient care and outcomes.

Pitts began working at the clinic at age 18 as a patient representative. He remembers those early days fondly and expressed gratitude to the clinic for supporting his ambitions.

“If you had asked me all those years ago, I never thought I’d be where I am today doing this kind of work. I am very thankful to the clinic for providing these opportunities for me to apply what I’ve learned,” said Pitts.

Congratulations, Dustin! Your hard work contributes to the high quality of our health care services by ensuring accurate and consistent diagnostic procedures, more effective treatments and overall better health care outcomes for Mississippians.

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