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South Mississippi's Largest Multi-Specialty Clinic

Hattiesburg Clinic

About Us

Our Mission

Hattiesburg Clinic’s mission as a group practice is to provide quality health care in an efficient and cost effective manner, with emphasis on excellence and service to the patient. Our goal is to be the health care provider of choice in South Mississippi.

Our Values

• Integrity
• Fairness
• Vision
• Commitment to each patient
• Compassion
• Respect

Where We Began

Hattiesburg Clinic first opened its doors on May 1, 1963. The clinic traces its roots to 1948 when Ramsay O’Neal, MD, an OB-GYN physician, and Glen T. Pearson, MD, a general surgeon, became partners. Together, these doctors began planning what is now the state’s largest multi-specialty clinic. Fifteen years later, Hattiesburg Clinic, then 10 doctors strong, was officially opened at the present site.

Where We Are Now

Fifty years after its beginning, the clinic has grown to over 450 physicians and providers, located in 17 counties in South Mississippi.
Along with approximately 2,000 professional staff employees, these physicians and providers come together for a common purpose, to care for hundreds of thousands of individuals who live and work in South Mississippi every day.