Hand & Upper Extremities

Our orthopaedic physicians offer comprehensive care for a full spectrum of conditions affecting the hands, wrists and arms.

Hand & Upper Extremities Overview

When your hands, wrists and arms are functioning normally, you may not think about them very often. When an injury or illness causes some part of your upper body to not work well, though, it can quickly interfere with your normal routines.

Whether you have experienced a known injury during a sporting event or an accident or you are having upper extremity pain with an unknown cause, the orthopaedic specialists at Hattiesburg Clinic are here to help. We provide the advanced tools and expertise needed to confirm a diagnosis, along with both nonsurgical and surgical treatment options to get you back to full function.

Conditions Affecting the Hand & Upper Extremities

The adult body contains more than 200 bones, and 30 of those bones can be found in each of your hands, forearms and upper arms. There is an intricate system of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tissues in your upper extremities, working together to help keep you functioning.

Because there are so many working parts, there are also a number of health conditions that can affect the hand and upper extremities. These conditions include:

  • Arthritis: a degenerative condition that can cause joint stiffness, pain and swelling
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: a disorder that occurs when the median nerve is squeezed at the wrist, causing numbness, weakness and pain in the hand and wrist
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome: a disorder that occurs when the ulnar nerve in the elbow is compressed, causing numbness, pain and tingling in the wrist, arm or elbow
  • Dupuytren’s disease: a condition that causes the tissue under the skin in the palm of the hand to get thicker and shorter, which can cause the fingers to bend toward the palm.
  • Fractures: a partial or total break in a bone
  • Sprains: a stretched or torn ligament
  • Strains: a stretched or torn muscle or tendon
  • Tendonitis: an inflammation of a tendon
  • Trigger finger: a condition affecting the tendons that flex the fingers and thumb, which can cause a sensation of catching when a person bends or straightens the fingers

Treatment for Issues Affecting the Hand & Upper Extremities

When you are experiencing discomfort in your hand, wrist or arm, you want a quick resolution and return to a pain-free life. The first step toward that solution is an accurate diagnosis.

When you visit an orthopaedic specialist at Hattiesburg Clinic, we will use a variety of tools to provide you with a prompt and accurate diagnosis, including imaging scans to confirm the source of your symptoms. Once we have diagnosed the condition or health issue causing your discomfort, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you designed to correct or heal the condition while alleviating your symptoms.

Why Choose Hattiesburg Clinic?

The orthopaedics team at Hattiesburg Clinic is committed to keeping you moving. Our physicians offer comprehensive care for a full spectrum of conditions affecting the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. We also provide diagnosis and treatment of sports medicine-related concerns, including injuries sustained during practices and games.

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