Memory Loss Resources

Memory Loss Resources

Below is a variety of resources available for caregivers and patients, including articles and support groups.

Take The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam

The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE) is designed to detect early signs of cognitive, memory or thinking impairments. It evaluates your thinking abilities and helps physicians to know how well your brain is working.

You may want to take the SAGE test if you are concerned that you might have cognitive issues, or you may wish to have your family or friends take the test if they are having memory or thinking problems.

You do not need special equipment to take the SAGE test-just pen and paper. Don’t look at the clock or calendar while taking the test, and if you have any questions about an item, just do the best you can. The average time to complete this four-page test is 10-15 minutes, but there is no time limit. After you complete the test, take it to your neurologist or your primary care physician.

Remember that the SAGE does not diagnose any specific condition, but the results can help your doctor know if further evaluation is necessary.

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American Academy of Neurology

Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support

Center Watch, Clinical Trials Information

National Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resource Center

National Institute on Aging

BrainHealth: Many causes of cognitive decline are treatable. Early detection through risk assessment and biomarker testing is key. With a BrainHealth membership, you will receive a risk factor review, genetic testing, neurologist-designed brain health education to learn about your risk factors, one-on-one lifestyle coaching and referrals to specialists, as appropriate. Biomarker testing and biobanking are also available for close monitoring of progress.

GeneMatch: GeneMatch connects Alzheimer’s prevention studies with eligible volunteers.

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