High-Risk Ultrasound

At Hattiesburg Clinic, we are devoted to protecting the health of mothers-to-be and their unborn babies by offering advanced ultrasound options during pregnancy.

High-Risk Ultrasound Overview

Hattiesburg Clinic specializes in providing medical services necessary for managing high-risk pregnancies. With expertise and special training in maternal fetal medicine, our comprehensive team includes a perinatologist, obstetricians, sonographers and obstetrical nurses. We offer advanced diagnostic services including ultrasounds to help support both mother and baby’s health during pregnancy.

Why are perinatal ultrasounds important?

Ultrasounds are an important part of supporting a healthy pregnancy. Women with pre-existing medical conditions or those who are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy require specialized care and additional monitoring. Advanced prenatal ultrasounds enable health care providers to assess the baby’s growth and development as well as detect any anomalies during pregnancy. A perinatologist will order an ultrasound which uses high-frequency sound waves to generate images of the fetus inside the uterus.

When is a high-risk ultrasound needed?

Maternal fetal medicine is important for managing the care of pregnant women with pre-existing medical conditions, fetal conditions and women who develop pregnancy-related conditions. An advanced ultrasound is generally recommended if a sibling was born with an unexpected abnormality or if an abnormality was detected during a previous pregnancy. Expectant mothers suspected of having a high-risk concern, such as pre-eclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, diabetes, obesity, placenta previa, twins or multiples or any other detected abnormality as well as those over the age of 35 years are likely recommended to see a perinatologist to receive a high-risk ultrasound.

What is detected in an advanced ultrasound?

Perinatal ultrasounds are performed on state-of-the-art equipment by sonographers with specific training in invasive technology and diagnostic ultrasounds. At Hattiesburg Clinic, we utilize the latest ultrasound equipment to deliver the most precise, quality images.

High-risk ultrasounds are typically performed between 20 to 30 weeks into the pregnancy. Results are then reviewed by a perinatologist. This ultrasound will confirm the presence of all fetal organs and detect any abnormalities in the bodily structure. It includes an assessment of the heart and its function, large blood vessels as well as the collective composition of the fetus. The placenta, amniotic fluid and uterus are also examined to eliminate any concerns.

Choose Hattiesburg Clinic

Hattiesburg Clinic offers expectant mothers access to a health care provider who specializes in the management of high-risk pregnancies. We provide a full spectrum of perinatal services including the most innovative techniques and diagnostic technology. Our team has the expertise and skillset to deliver a higher level of care to support a healthy pregnancy.

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