Lowery A. Woodall Outpatient Surgery Center Relocates

Lowery A. Woodall Outpatient Surgery Center has relocated to a new facility comprising approximately 30,000 square feet. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this facility is designed to elevate the standard of care for patients across a broad spectrum of medical specialties. Located at 1 Lincoln Parkway, Suite 100 in Hattiesburg, Miss., this ambulatory surgery center introduces multiple enhancements to improve patient experience including:

  • Nine modern, state-of-the-art operating rooms
  • 29 private pre and postoperative rooms
  • 10 post-anesthesia care unit rooms for enhanced patient recovery
  • Partnerships with leading medical technology companies
  • State-of-the-art central sterile processing equipment for thorough cleaning and sterilizing of all medical instruments and equipment

Partnering with one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, Stryker, Hattiesburg Clinic aims to deliver best-in-class patient care in nine new operating rooms. Stryker’s iSuite offers a combination of equipment and software that transforms the traditional operating room into a modern, state-of-the-art surgical environment. Surgical teams will also be able to see in greater detail than ever with Stryker’s 1688 AIM 4k visualization platform. This system brings together real-time visualization of anatomy using fluorescence imaging, automated light control and insufflation with heating, humidification and smoke evacuation all in one platform for a seamless workflow. Through this partnership, Lowery A. Woodall Outpatient Surgery Center and Stryker will be able to improve patient outcomes for people in the communities we serve.

Hattiesburg Clinic Chief Executive Officer, Bryan N. Batson, MD, shared more insights on how the new facility will benefit the clinic as a whole and the communities we serve. “Our commitment to delivering exceptional health care is underscored by the investment in this modern facility. This expansion not only allows us to accommodate a broad range of medical specialties but also ensures that our patients receive care in an environment designed for their comfort and well-being. We believe that this facility will be a cornerstone in our continued mission to provide high-quality, patient-centered health care to communities in Mississippi.”

David L. Sicard, MD, an anesthesiologist with Lowery A. Woodall Outpatient Surgery Center, expressed enthusiasm about the benefits that patients will receive from the new facility. “This state-of-the-art center is a significant step forward in our ability to provide high-quality care across many medical specialties. The advanced technology and enhanced facilities will undoubtedly lead to better outcomes and increased comfort for our patients.”

All 29 rooms at this new location are private, with four of these rooms offering further privacy and convenience. Richard A. Pecunia, MD, FACS, with Hattiesburg Clinic Plastic Surgery, said, “These new rooms will be large enough for a family to feel comfortable, and they will be equipped with private restrooms as well.” In addition to spacious rooms tailored for family comfort, Pecunia added, “With all of the amenities offered by this new center, we will be able to provide the most efficient, private and up-to-date surgical care with top-level preoperative and postoperative care, and deliver patients an outstanding outpatient surgical experience.”

From Hattiesburg Clinic, thank you to all of the following providers who have made Lowery A. Woodall Outpatient Surgery Center successful. Your commitment and dedication to the betterment of Hattiesburg Clinic does not go unnoticed.

Hattiesburg Clinic Anesthesiology

Joe H. Campbell, Jr., MD

Carter K.D. Guice, III, MD

Charles A. Henderson, MD

Luis A. Irizarry, MD

David S. Moore, MD

David M. Montanya, MD

Timothy W. Norton, MD

Christopher N. Painter, DO

Justin D. Pipkins, MD

Carl S. Ramsey, MD

David L. Sicard, MD

Kristen S. Spruill, MD

Timothy A. Torres, MD

Todd A. Versteegh, MD

Tyler G. Armstrong, DNP, CRNA

Daniel Attaway, DNP, CRNA

Dana E.M. Bernardo, DNP, CRNA

Christopher L. Bond, DNP, CRNA

Claudine M. Boos, DNP, CRNA

Jennifer L. Braxton, CRNA

Rodney D. Brown, Sr., CRNA

Terry J. Burgess, Jr., CRNA

Jeremy W. Chance, CRNA

Michael K. Cockrell, DNP, CRNA

Roland Colburn, DNP, CRNA

Judy A. Courtney, CRNA

Jeremiah W. Daniels, CRNA

Brooke N. Degheb, DNP, CRNA

Joshua K. Ezelle, DNP, CRNA

Brandon S. Figueiredo, DNP, CRNA

Lindsey M. Flaccomio, CRNA

Mildred C. Franklin, DNP, CRNA

Corey L. Gambrell, CRNA

Robert A. Gaston, DNP, CRNA

Robert L. Gaston, CRNA

Katy G. Gavin, DNP, CRNA

Pamela Gavin, FNP, CRNA

Matthew P. Gerald, CRNA

Chaka K. Jackson, DNP, CRNA

Ray Ladner, CRNA

Timothy L. Lewis, CRNA

Edward L. Little, CRNA

Marland H. Mallette, Jr., CRNA

Frederick B. Mallini, CRNA

Jessie F. Marshall, DNP, CRNA

Terri M. Martin, CRNA

Connie A. McAlpin, CRNA

Scott McCrary, CRNA

Jessica Parsons, DNP, CRNA

William C. Pattie, CRNA

Matthew R. Persons, CRNA

Glenda F. Pittman, CRNA

Lauren B. Robertson, DNP, CRNA

Darvin L. Sibley, CRNA

Shannon D. Sims, CRNA

Mareen A. Sistrunk, CRNA

Gregg D. Stokes, CRNA

Jeffrey M. Stokes, CRNA

Bradley E. Tolar, DNP, CRNA

Jeremy A. Vance, DNP, CRNA

Jennifer L. N. Walker, CRNA

Joseph S. Walker, CRNA

Scott E. Walker, CRNA

Thomas M. Walters, CRNA

Lauren Warren, DNP, CRNA

Corey A. White, CRNA

Jeffrey Brock Wyatt, CRNA

Kristen Yelverton, DNP, CRNA

Hattiesburg Clinic Ear, Nose & Throat

Michael J. Hammett, MD

Andrew M. Nida, MD

John D. Sobiesk, MD

Luke Thompson, MD

Julie D. Gibbons, AuD

Brandi G. Harper, AuD

Hattiesburg Clinic Eye Associates

Christopher L. Cooley, MD

Hattiesburg Clinic Eye Physicians & Surgeons

Jane E. Kersh, MD

Julie J. Lynn, MD

Hattiesburg Clinic Obstetrics & Gynecology

Jennifer C. Bailey, MD

Lauren E. Barry, MD

Louis W. Benton, MD

Lauren A. Bethea, MD

Brittney J. Brown, DO

Hilton L. Gillespie, Jr., MD

John G Holland, MD

Jeffrey L. Hudson, MD

Libby Y.C. Kot, MD

Benjamin C. Moore, MD

Amanda S. Sellers, DO

Deanna K. Stewart, MD

Marlena B. Mims, WHNP

Traci D. Suber, WHNP

Hattiesburg Clinic Orthopaedics

Mark T. Barron, MD

Michael J. Cox, MD

Sergey S. Dzugan, MD

Thomas P. Royals, MD

Matthew T. Valentine, MD

Michael Weaver, MD

Raymond Y. Whitehead, MD

Hattiesburg Clinic Pediatric Gastroenterology

Jeremy C. Screws, MD

Hattiesburg Clinic Plastic Surgery 

Adam N. Franklin, MD

Richard A. Pecunia, MD, FACS

Petra R. Schneider-Redden, MD, FACS

Hattiesburg Clinic Surgery 

Orlando J. Andy, Jr., MD

John W. Brahan, MD

Boris Cehajic, MD

Scott P. Guidry, MD

Neal T. Holm, MD

Wesley Hurston, Jr., MD

Marcos G. Rosado, DO

Rachel K. Rosado, DO

Daniel H. Smith, MD

To learn more about the services and procedures offered by Hattiesburg Clinic Lowery A. Woodall Outpatient Surgery Center, visit www.hattiesburgclinic.com.


About Hattiesburg Clinic Lowery A. Woodall Outpatient Surgery Center:

Lowery A. Woodall Outpatient Surgery Center is dedicated to providing exceptional outpatient surgical care across various medical specialties. With a commitment to patient-centric services and state-of-the-art technology, the center strives to enhance the overall health care experience for patients. Our expert health care team is available to help patients and caregivers before, during and after surgery.

About Hattiesburg Clinic:

Hattiesburg Clinic is Mississippi’s largest privately-owned, multispecialty clinic.  More than 60 years after its beginning, the clinic has grown to over 450 physicians and providers, caring for patients in more than 17 counties in South Mississippi. Along with over 2,500 professional staff employees, these physicians and providers come together for a common purpose, to serve the over 500,000 community members who live and work in South Mississippi every day.