Henderson Discusses Presumptive Eligibility

Anita S. Henderson, MD, a physician with Hattiesburg Clinic The Pediatric Clinic, recently discussed presumptive eligibility with Mississippi Public Broadcasting. 

Presumptive eligibility would allow pregnant women to receive pre-natal care through Medicaid while they await approval of their Medicaid application. Dr. Henderson stated access to early pre-natal care, especially first trimester care, can improve maternal outcomes as well as infant outcomes.

“This is a program designed to decrease maternal death, decrease premature birth and improve the health of all moms and babies in Mississippi,” Henderson said. The American College of OBGYN and the American Academy of Pediatrics say the first trimester visit is critical to addressing a mother’s chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and infections. 

Henderson said, “The Mississippi infant mortality rate and maternal death rate are the highest in the country. We really have to look at all ways to address our infant mortality crisis and our maternal death crisis.” She is excited about the upcoming legislative session because there are champions in the Mississippi House and Senate interested in improving these crises.

Follow the link to listen to the full interview: http://mississippiedition.mpbonline.org/episodes/01052024-lt-governor-swearing-in-presumptive-eligibility