Importance of Healthy Snacks for Children

Matthew D. Jackson, MD, with Hattiesburg Clinic Children’s Clinic recently spoke with Fox23 about the importance of healthy snack options for children during the summer.

Children snack more when they do not have a rigid schedule – typically on the weekends and especially during the summer. Having healthy, snacking options at home is important because they tend to snack based on convenience. Keeping healthy foods like nuts, fruits and vegetables available allows kids to create good habits and make healthy choices.

“Most kids like fruits, and fruits are kind of quick and easy in the summertime,” Dr. Jackson said. “There’s lots of options available; I know there are cherries, oranges, apples and watermelons in the grocery store right now. With the excessive heat, it’s going to be important to pick fruits that can help us stay hydrated as well as provide good nutrition. Some good options for that are watermelon and citrus fruits like oranges. Grapes are also a great option to have on hand.”

Remember, highly processed foods and foods high in sodium can leave you slightly dehydrated, so try to avoid those as often as possible.

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