Keep Children Hydrated This Summer

In a recent interview with FOX 23, Matthew D. Jackson, MD, with Hattiesburg Clinic Children’s Clinic emphasized the importance of keeping your children hydrated this summer as temperatures rise.

“With the excessive heat, it’s important to stay hydrated, monitor kids’ temperature and take frequent breaks,” Dr. Jackson said. “I recommend taking breaks every 30 minutes to drink something. If we are out in the sun and sweating excessively, it’s important to replace electrolytes. When you sweat, you not only lose water you also lose electrolytes.”

Proper hydration is essential to keep your child healthy. The appropriate level of water they need to stay hydrated depends on a few factors including age, activity level and temperature. According the American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP, children between 1 and 3 years need approximately 4 cups of hydrating liquids per day; kids 4 to 8 years need 5 cups; those older than 8 years need 7 to 8 cups to maintain healthy hydration. Please note the intake of water should be increased during warmer months. Talk to your child’s pediatrician if you have questions about how to make sure your child remains properly hydrated during the summer. 

A few ways to keep your child hydrated:

  • Keep a bottle of water on hand wherever you go
  • Avoid food high in sodium
  • Keep water-rich fruits and vegetables like watermelon, grapes, orange slices, cantaloupe, cucumbers, celery and tomatoes on hand
  • Limit sugary drinks, juice, flavored milks and artificially-sweetened drinks

You might consider infusing your water with fruit to add flavor or replace ice cubes with frozen fruit.

Watch the full interview below or follow the link: