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Peripheral Vascular Cardiology

Peripheral cardiology interventions are offered at Hattiesburg Clinic Heart & Vascular. Peripheral vascular disease (PVD), also known as peripheral arterial disease (PAD), is the narrowing and/or hardening of arteries, which causes a decrease in blood flow. Hardening of the arteries is also called atherosclerosis. Patients with PVD may experience symptoms that include:

  • Numbness/weakness in legs
  • Burning pain, typically in the toes
  • Wounds on the toe, feet or legs that do not heal properly
  • Skin changes, including a difference in color, temperature or texture

Extreme cases of PVD may lead to the need to amputate the limb. To help prevent amputation, Heart & Vascular offers a variety of non-invasive options for treating PVD, including:

  • Angioplasty
  • Stenting
  • Atherectomy


Over time, plaque can build up in the heart’s arteries and can potentially cause symptoms, such as blocked blood flow, stroke or heart attack. Angioplasty is a catheter-based procedure that opens the blocked arteries to restore normal blood flow to the patient’s heart.

Angioplasty is performed when a catheter is inserted through the arterial system to the plaque-blocked artery. Typically, the patient does not feel any pain, as the arteries do not have any nerves. Once the catheter is positioned and the blockage is found, a tiny balloon is positioned and then inflated. When the balloon is inflated, it flattens the plaque, and when complete, the catheter is removed.


Atherectomy is catheter-based procedure used to remove plaque buildup in the arteries. This procedure is very similar to angioplasty, but it varies in that it uses additional tools to remove the plaque from the walls. Hattiesburg Clinic Heart & Vascular utilizes both orbital and laser atherectomy.


A stent is a small tube to treat arteries that may have become narrow over time due to the buildup of plaque. Stents often open narrow arteries, help avoid a heart attack and reduce heart disease-related symptoms such as chest pain. Stenting is a mildly invasive procedure compared to other procedures, such as bypass surgery.


Hattiesburg Clinic Heart & Vascular service area encompasses an 11 county region with 11 locations across the Pine Belt.

Heart & Vascular

Covington County Hospital
701 S. Holly Ave.
Collins, MS 39428
Phone: 601-261-1520

Columbia Family Clinic
502 Broad Street
Columbia, MS 39429
Phone: 601-736-8282

Cardiology – Lake Serene
6813 Hwy. 98 West
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Phone: 601-261-1520



John R. Lovejoy, MD, FACC

Magee General Hospital
Medical Towers at Tuscan Court
360 Simpson Hwy. 149, Ste. 170
Magee, MS 39111
Phone: 601-849-7318

Highland Community Hospital
128 Highland Pkwy.
Suite 200
Picayune, MS 39466
Phone: 601-358-9630

Prentiss Family Practice Clinic
1014 Rose Street
Suite D
Prentiss, MS 39474
Phone: 601-792-2071

Wathall Rural Health Clinic
200 Hospital Drive
Tylertown, MS 39667
Phone: 601-876-5835

Wiggins Clinic
805 Hall Street
Wiggins, MS 39577
Phone: 601-928-4412

The Heart Care Center of Laurel
404 South 13th Avenue
Laurel, MS 39440
Phone: 601-425-5544

Hattiesburg Clinic Heart & Vascular is a full-service cardiology clinic, dedicated to helping patients with their vascular and cardiology needs. It is our goal to offer quality care to each patient, by utilizing a variety of innovative products and procedures to take care of the patient’s heart and vascular needs. We provide hospital services, disease management, diagnostic services and vascular services across Pine Belt area, including (but not limited to): Hattiesburg, Collins, Columbia, Lake Serene, Magee, Mendenhall, Picayune, Prentiss, Tylertown, Wiggins and Laurel.