Flowood Primary Care hosts open house event 

Hattiesburg Clinic Flowood Primary Care recently held an open house and ribbon cutting, showcasing the new primary care practice and introducing both the clinic and the physicians to the Flowood community.

Bryan N. Batson, MD, chief executive officer of Hattiesburg Clinic welcomed guests and introduced the practicing physicians – Christopher D. Boston, MDJennifer J. Bryan, MDStephen C. Hammack, MD, FAAFPLisa M. Keeling, MD; and C. Andrew Ouzts, MD

After giving a brief history of Hattiesburg Clinic, which began 60 years ago with a group of ten physicians, Dr. Batson acknowledged what a big step forward the opening of Flowood Primary Care is for Hattiesburg Clinic.

“Over the years, there have been many significant ‘firsts’ for us in Hattiesburg and our surrounding communities,” Batson said. “Today, we celebrate a monumental first for Hattiesburg Clinic – in Flowood. We believe that in 60 years, we will be able to reflect on this day, also celebrating new beginnings right here.”

Dr. Hammack addressed the crowd and spoke about the benefits of joining Hattiesburg Clinic, both for the physicians and for the community.

“Hattiesburg Clinic is the best example I have found that brings all of the different benefits that I have experienced over my career,” Hammack said. “It’s a large organization with the resources to meet the challenges of today’s health care system.”

Dr. Bryan also offered a few remarks on what it means to her to help bring Hattiesburg Clinic to central Mississippi.

“It is a huge privilege to join the Hattiesburg Clinic team and to be able to offer physician-led, team-based care that is focused on quality patient care to the members of our community,” Bryan said.

Many community members attended the event and spoke on behalf of the new practice and its impact on the Flowood community, including Congressman Gregg Harper, District Director Brady Stewart, Alderman Kathy Smith, Flowood Chamber Executive Director Janet Reihle and area State Representatives Brent Powell and Lee Yancey. John M. Fitzpatrick, MD, president of Hattiesburg Clinic’s Board of Directors, also offered a few words on what the expansion to Flowood means to Hattiesburg Clinic.

Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and live music, and mingled with the team at Flowood Primary Care well into the evening. Several family members and friends attended in support of the physicians, who expressed their gratitude and excitement to be part of the Hattiesburg Clinic team.

The Flowood team cares for patients of all ages with a variety of medical conditions. All physicians are currently accepting new patients. 

Flowood Primary Care is located at 294 East Layfair Drive, in Flowood, Miss., and is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

For more information, or to book an appointment, please call (601) 414-6520 or visitwww.hattiesburgclinic.com/new-physician.


About Flowood Primary Care: 
Flowood Primary Care provides comprehensive primary care to meet the total health needs of each family member. Primary care physicians, also known as general practitioners, family medicine doctors, internal medicine doctors or pediatricians, cover most everyday health concerns and can help identify potential health problems early. They also work with the appropriate specialists when you need advanced medical questions addressed in a specific area. Primary care physicians’ diverse training allows them to offer continuing, comprehensive care from the newborn to the grandparent.

About Hattiesburg Clinic:

Hattiesburg Clinic is Mississippi’s largest privately-owned, multispecialty clinic.  More than 55 years after its beginning, the clinic has grown to over 450 physicians and providers, caring for patients in more than 17 counties in South Mississippi.  Along with over 2,000 professional staff employees, these physicians and providers come together for a common purpose, to serve the over 500,000 community members who live and work in South Mississippi every day.