Hattiesburg Clinic Now Offering Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Hattiesburg Clinic recently installed electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for patients and clinic employees.

All-electric vehicles don’t use gasoline and instead have a large battery that powers one or more electric motors. Charging stations connect the vehicle to a source of electricity that recharges the battery. As electric vehicles gain popularity, businesses have begun providing charging stations as a convenience for their patrons. Hattiesburg Clinic is pleased to be one of the locations offering this service.

“Hattiesburg Clinic is doing its part to help with the transition to electric vehicles by providing convenient charging for patients during their appointments and for employees,” Josh Hazel, Director of Clinical Server Systems, said.

Hattiesburg Clinic has two banks of chargers with four charging stations at each. The first station is located in the main parking lot between the main clinic building and the Cancer Center. The second station is located in the main parking lot behind the Support Services building. These spaces are marked in green to help patients easily identify them. These parking spots are reserved for electronic vehicles in need of charging only.

At the time, this service is free to all patients and clinic employees.