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Children have special needs when faced with surgery. The Lowery A. Woodall Outpatient Surgery Center has created an environment that we hope will provide a happy place for you to prepare and recover from your procedure. Your parent or guardian may call and schedule a tour so we can o-fish-ally welcome and prepare you for surgery.


  • You may come by Lowery A. Woodall Surgery Center for a visit and tour.
  • Bring milk, formula, or any other special drink (iced tea) you may want when you wake up from surgery.
  • Bring a special cup, bottle, blanket, toy, book, or pillow with you.
  • Bring a change of clothes and underpants. Accidents do happen.
  • Bring extra diapers and wipes if you are not potty trained.
  • Eating and drinking before surgery is not permitted. Please notify a nurse if this occurs. Food in the stomach can pose a health risk to you. It can also cause your surgery to be canceled or delayed as much as six hours. Your safety is our main concern.
  • When you get to Lowery A. Woodall Outpatient Surgery Center, the nurse will ask you some questions, take your temperature and give you a gown to put on. We have coloring sheets and stickers for you, too.
  • There will be machines and big lights for you to see in the operating room and the nurses and doctors will have on hats and masks.
  • Anesthesia will let you take a nap so you will be comfortable during your operation.


  • You will wake up in a recovery room. You may have a tube called an IV taped to your arm or foot. It does not hurt and helps you to get better. We will take it out right before you go home.
  • There will be drinks and popsicles for you to have after surgery. You will need to drink before you can go home.
  • You may hurt a little. Let an adult know how you are feeling by matching your pain to the pain scale below.
  • The nurses and doctors will try to keep you as comfortable as possible. If you need anything, ask them!

Your parent or guardian will be in the building while you are having your surgery. Once you wake up in recovery, you will then be taken to your parent or guardian. Visit us online at www.hattiesburgclinic.com/LAW.

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Patient Surgery Status Text Messaging

At Lowery A. Woodall Outpatient Surgery Center (LAW), we strive to keep family and friends updated on a loved one’s progress throughout surgery. For convenience and to help relieve the stress of waiting, we offer a text messaging service for quick updates.

Upon the patient’s arrival, a member of our staff will register cell phone numbers for text messaging. Texts on the patient’s care status will be sent directly to the recipients during the procedure.

Here is one example of the messages: “The patient’s procedure has begun.”

Please note this is a one-way communication service. It is not possible to reply back to a physician or nurse through these text messages. Also, to safeguard the patient’s privacy and comply with HIPAA guidelines, messages are encrypted and only sent by authorized medical staff.

Some carriers may not support this service. While this is a free service of our center, standard carrier rates and charges may apply.

For more information about this service, ask the pre-op nurse involved in your care when you sign in for your procedure.