Hattiesburg Clinic awarded prestigious designation for EMR

For the fourth year in a row, Hattiesburg Clinic has been awarded the designation of Epic Gold Stars Level 10. This award places the clinic in the top one percent of Epic users worldwide and signifies years of hard work and dedication to patients and physicians. This award is a testament to the clinic’s dedication to providing patients, physicians and staff access to the most advanced electronic medical records (EMR) technology available as we continue our efforts to improve the health of our communities.

“[This award] places us among only three organizations in the entire world to be a Gold Stars 10 for four or more years,” said Bryan N. Batson, MD, chief executive officer at Hattiesburg Clinic, “This is an outstanding accomplishment that shows Hattiesburg Clinic’s dedication to advancing technology and also shows what a great team we have to keep us on the cutting edge.”

Epic Systems Corporation (Epic) is a leading provider of EMR systems that are used by health care organizations across the globe. The Epic Gold Star Level 10 award represents the highest achievement for users of the software and carries significant importance for patients, health care providers and the health care industry as a whole. In addition to comprehensive medical records operability, the system makes it convenient for patients to schedule appointments, refill prescriptions and quickly contact their physicians. Epic’s Gold Star Program acknowledges health care facilities based on how effectively they utilize this EMR system.

This accomplishment requires an organization’s dedication to ongoing training, system optimization and a culture of innovation. The award recognizes health care organizations that actively embrace and implement Epic’s latest advancements, leading to increased efficiency, reduced administrative burdens and ultimately, better patient care.

The Epic Gold Star Level 10 award is a prestigious designation that recognizes Hattiesburg Clinic’s excellence in health care technology implementation. It signifies a commitment to improving patient care, patient access and experience, and physician, nurse and clinical team productivity. As health care in our state continues to advance, this award serves as a testament to the dedication of our physicians and staff who strive daily to deliver the highest standards of care for our patients.