Meet Nena A. Mauritz with Endocrinology

Nena A. Mauritz is the manager of Endocrinology, a position she has held for four years, she has worked at Hattiesburg Clinic for 14 years. 

In her role, Mauritz enjoys removing barriers to care for patients and creating cohesive workflows that enhance that care. Mauritz’s daily responsibilities revolve around serving as manager and supporting her team. Her primary goal is to ensure that staff, providers and physicians are equipped to deliver excellent patient care. What Mauritz enjoys most about her department is the people. She has made many valuable friendships that enrich both her personal and professional life. Mauritz feels that camaraderie and shared commitment to patients make her department a special place to work.

Mauritz’s roots run deep in Hattiesburg. She was born at Forrest General Hospital and has lived in the city her whole life. She attended schools in Oak Grove from elementary through high school and later received a degree in psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi.

In her spare time, Mauritz enjoys spending quality time with her husband Matt and their daughter, Bella, who is about to graduate from high school. Speaking about this new chapter in her daughter’s life, Mauritz says, “We are excited to see where she will continue her education in college.”


Q: People would be surprised if they knew… what about you?

A: I started as a receptionist with Hattiesburg Clinic and believe it is the hardest job.

Q: If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

A: Sandwiches or cereal

Q: What do you enjoy most about the department you work in?

A: 100% the staff and providers.

Q: Three words to describe yourself. 

A: Loyal, homebody and hardworking