Jess Herndon selected as Hattiesburg Clinic’s Employee of the Quarter

Jess Herndon has been selected as Hattiesburg Clinic’s Employee of the Third Quarter. Her dedication to excellence and the consistent delivery of high-quality work have greatly benefited not just her department, EpicCare, but also the efficiency of care provided by Hattiesburg Clinic as a whole.

Herndon’s contributions throughout the year have proven to be invaluable, extending their benefits not only to physicians and providers located in Flowood but also to those in and around Hattiesburg. Her colleagues hold her in the highest regard, recognizing her pivotal role in various crucial initiatives.

Tiffany Willoughby, senior clinical analyst in EpicCare, commended Herndon’s role during preparation for the opening of Flowood Primary Care, where she displayed exceptional resilience and expertise.

“There were some issues on the first day, so one day ended up being all week,” said Willoughby in regard to the opening of Hattiesburg Clinic Flowood Primary Care. But in the end, she continues, “They were able to assist five new physicians with their Epic set up and personalization, as well as make sure [the opening] went off without a hitch.”

Brooke Brewer, director of Epic clinical apps, highlighted Herndon’s tireless efforts to integrate the Epic AMB nurse and provider training into Captivate and Healthstream. This was initially aimed at easing the training process for physicians and nurses ahead of the Flowood Primary Care go-live date. Unexpectedly, this became a significant benefit for local physicians and nurses seeking quick or off-schedule training.

Brewer said additionally, “Having the AMB Nurse training in Healthstream has condensed that class from one and a half days of trainer-led sessions down to a single half day of virtual class.” Not only did Herndon’s work streamline training but it has also become a significant benefit for all of our health care professionals.

Additionally, Herndon’s empathetic and patient approach was pivotal in assisting a distressed physician facing software glitches and obstacles. Her persistence and understanding, alongside her team, not only resolved those technical issues but also revamped workflows, ensuring uninterrupted patient care. Teresa Branan, admin operations coordinator with Hattiesburg Clinic Heart & Vascular, expressed gratitude for that exceptional effort and kindness.

Amanda Thornton, manager of Hattiesburg Clinic Gastroenterology, praised Herndon’s proactive support. She promptly created a crucial report for a provider meeting within a remarkably short timeframe. Herndon’s readiness to collaborate, her efforts in assisting with meetings and improving workflows are highly appreciated by the physicians.

“My providers have expressed how easy it was to work with Jess and they feel confident that the information provided will help them in everyday clinic,” said Thornton.

Herndon’s impact goes beyond her exceptional skills in EpicCare. Her dedication to providing exemplary service, coupled with her supportive and collaborative nature, has been the cornerstone of success in her department this year.

In recognition of Herndon’s commitment and contributions, this Employee of the Quarter award represents her dedication and exceptional work ethic. Her peers and coworkers are grateful for the efforts that have been so crucial to Hattiesburg Clinic’s delivery of high-quality patient care.

The Employee of the Quarter is selected from nominations by an employee’s peers, managers and patients and then is chosen by a committee of people from all clinic levels.

The Employee of the Quarter is selected from nominations by an employee’s peers, managers and patients and then is chosen by a committee of people from all clinic levels.

As Employee of the Quarter, Herndon receives a $100 bonus, a reserved parking spot for one quarter, one vacation day and an invitation to the clinic’s Employee Awards Banquet next year.