Expedite your check-in process with eCheck-In & Hello Patient

Did you know you could save time when checking in to your next appointment by using eCheck-In and Hello Patient, available through Iris via the MyChart® app on Android and iOS devices?

eCheck-In allows you to check in for your appointment up to two days in advance. During this process you can verify or update demographics, insurance, preferred pharmacy, medications, allergies and emergency contacts in the app. Any questionnaires or consent forms will be available for you to complete as well. You can even pay your copay.

If your appointment is for a video visit, you must complete eCheck-In before the visit. You will receive an email reminder two days before your video visit.

Hello Patient notifies our offices when you arrive. If your location permissions are enabled for the MyChart app, you will receive a “Hello Patient” notification when you arrive at the clinic’s parking lot for your appointment. Afterward, you will receive a notification with your next steps.

To learn more about these features and Iris, via the MyChart app, visit www.hattiesburgclinic.com/iris.