General Services Overview

At Hattiesburg Clinic Ear, Nose & Throat, we treat the most common type of ear, nose and throat conditions to the most severe cases.  Additionally, we offer medical and surgical treatments involving the head and neck in both children and adults.

General illnesses of the ear, nose and throat can include:

  • Infections of the tonsils and adenoids.
  • Problems in the mouth, including lesions: taste, tongue and palate.
  • Throat and swallowing disorders.
  • Voice disorders, vocal cord and larynx infections.
  • Neck nodules and cysts.
  • Nose and sinus disorders (evaluation and treatment of nasal congestion, facial and sinus pain, nasal discharge, bleeding and smell disorders).
  • Thyroid disorders that can include masses, nodules and enlarged thyroids.
  • Snoring and sleep-related disorders.