Diabetes Education

Hattiesburg Clinic provides dedicated education and support for individuals with all stages of diabetes.

Diabetes Education Overview

The diabetes care and education specialists are a vital part of the diabetes health team at Hattiesburg Clinic. Through evidence-based resources, we work to improve the lives of individuals at risk and affected by diabetes. Our team of health care professionals are dedicated to advancing the quality of care and understanding of diabetes with access to support tools that are available well after your first visit to our program.

Diabetes Education Program

Our program is a collaborative process through which you can gain knowledge and skills needed to modify behavior and successfully self-manage diabetes and its related conditions. The program is comprehensive and taught by diabetes educators who have extensive training. Our team of professionals works with your primary care provider or endocrinologist to help you build a solid self-management foundation and reach your goals. Our mission is to teach you about your condition and provide you with the resources you need that will help you manage your condition in the long run.

Education opportunities are presented in many forms, including one-on-one counseling and interactive classes provided by our certified diabetes educators.

Sessions focus on:

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Hattiesburg Clinic invites patients and their support systems to expand their knowledge of diabetes and better manage their wellbeing and symptoms. Our comprehensive program is designed to help patients living with diabetes improve their health outcomes by learning skills and strategies tailored to their individual needs and condition.

Diabetes care and education specialists can help patients reverse prediabetes and even prevent or slow the onset of type 2 diabetes through lifestyle changes recommended in our diabetes education program. From diagnosis through ongoing self-management, we are here to help ensure patients receive the proper care and support they need to live a quality life with diabetes.

Diabetes Care
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Diabetes Care
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