Ginger Thomas Presented with Cheers from Your Peers

The WOW! Committee would like to congratulate Ginger Thomas with Cheers from Your Peers. Ginger is a buyer for Hattiesburg Clinic Purchasing. She was recognized for stepping in to offer her assistance when a coworker was unexpectedly out of the office.

In a recent WOW! nomination, Kristin Lindsey in Purchasing shared the following:

“I was out on vacation for a week and then unexpectedly out the very next week as well. That was when Ginger stepped in. While I was out those two weeks, Ginger did almost 100% of my workload on top of her own. The amount of work and time it takes to place just one of my orders could take hours, especially for someone unfamiliar with it. When I got back, I found out that she worked through her lunch and stayed late each day to get the work done. I came back to almost zero issues to resolve and work on. She has no idea how much of a relief it was to come back to that. This scenario is very out of the norm and she handled it with a positive attitude. I know that I, along with our entire department, am very thankful for her and her hard work.”

Thank you, Ginger, for going above and beyond for your coworkers, Hattiesburg Clinic, and, most importantly, for our patients. We appreciate you!