Ritchie & Moore Presented with Cheers from Your Peers

The WOW! committee congratulates Christan Andrews Ritchie, LPN, and Patrecia “Angel” Moore of The Arthritis Center – West for receiving Cheers from Your Peers. Ritchie is a licensed practical nurse, and Moore is a phlebotomist. They are being recognized for their extraordinary compassion and commitment to our patients.

Bobby Moore, manager at The Arthitis Center – West, said of a recent act of kindness from Ritchie, “Talk about giving up the shirt off your back! Chrissy anticipates and sees the needs of her patients before they ever say a word to her.”

At an appointment for an elderly patient, Ritchie noticed goosebumps on the patient’s arm. Recalling from previous visits that the patient was cold-natured, Ritchie offered her scrub jacket, and the patient happily accepted. Ritchie’s selflessness is a powerful reminder that, at our core, we are a team dedicated to the welfare and comfort of those we serve. Her act of compassion inspires us all to be more considerate and empathetic in our interactions, both with patients and among ourselves.

Patrecia “Angel” Moore, having started less than a year ago, has likewise shown a great deal of commitment by taking on additional duties and proactively acquiring new skills. Moore’s commitment to ensuring the continued delivery of high-quality care to our patients, even in challenging times, is extraordinary.

“Our lab draws labs on roughly 75 patients per day, with Patrecia handling the majority of those patients herself, while she is also running our machines and turning out tests we process in our department,” manager Bobby Moore said.

Thank you, Christan and Angel, for going above and beyond for Hattiesburg Clinic, and most importantly, for our patients. Your actions reflect our values and demonstrate what it means to be true ambassadors of compassion and commitment. We appreciate you!

About Hattiesburg Clinic WOW! Committee:

The WOW! Committee is a team of 17 Hattiesburg Clinic employees who meet on a monthly basis to discuss employee engagement initiatives. During meetings, they review nominations submitted by employees who are eager to recognize their coworkers. Nominations are submitted for coworkers who exhibit the clinic values – respect, integrity, commitment to each patient, compassion, fairness and vision.