Hattiesburg Dialysis Unit Presented with Cheers from Your Peers

The WOW! Committee would like to congratulate Hattiesburg Clinic – Hattiesburg Dialysis Unit for receiving Cheers from Your Peers. Offering a variety of treatments for those living with end-stage renal disease, the staff has been recognized for the compassion, commitment and respect they have shown our patients.

One shining example of this department’s spirit involves Ronda Deloach, LPN, whose compassionate care has recently touched the life of one patient in particular. For this patient, the department has moved beyond simply delivering medical services; they have become an extended family. Deloach, alongside her colleagues, goes above and beyond, ensuring not just the patient’s physical well-being but also emotional comfort. 

Moreover, the team’s attention to detail and genuine care have not gone unnoticed. The patient’s family has taken notice of the special care Hattiesburg Dialysis Unit delivers. The depth of their dedication truly came to light recently when a call from the clinic alerted the patient’s family that she had missed an appointment. This call proved to be a lifesaver as it led to the discovery that the patient was in critical condition at home. As the grateful family reflects on that sobering experience, they express profound gratitude to Hattiesburg Dialysis Unit and Deloach for going above and beyond. 

“That call ended up saving her life… I thank God for the dialysis department and for Ronda for becoming a friend – and more like family – to her,” a representative of the family said. “Just saying thank you could never be enough for the love and care they show my mother.”

In awarding Hattiesburg Dialysis Unit with Cheers From Your Peers, we celebrate not just a dialysis unit, but a community of caregivers who embody three important values of Hattiesburg Clinic – compassion, commitment and respect. Thank you, Hattiesburg Dialysis Unit, for going above and beyond for your patients. We appreciate you!


About Hattiesburg Clinic WOW! Committee:

The WOW! Committee is a team of 17 Hattiesburg Clinic employees who meet on a monthly basis to discuss employee engagement initiatives. During meetings, they review nominations submitted by employees who are eager to recognize their coworkers. Nominations are submitted for coworkers who exhibit the clinic values – respect, integrity, commitment to each patient, compassion, fairness and vision.