ReAnne Gentry Presented with Cheers from Your Peers

The WOW! committee congratulates ReAnne Gentry for receiving Cheers from Your Peers. Gentry is an auditor with Chart Audit and is being recognized for the expertise, courtesy and thoughtfulness that she presents daily. 

Tasha Porter, director of Health Information Management, said of Gentry’s consistently professional demeanor, “Her job is not for the faint of heart.” As policies change over time, one of Gentry’s primary duties is relaying updates and information to providers concerning evaluation and management codes. “She doesn’t always get to deliver the best news, and the information is not always well received. She handles every situation with such grace and professionalism,” Porter said. 

Porter also expressed gratitude for the integrity that Gentry shows in her work, despite performing most of those duties outside the spotlight. “She does an amazing job daily and it could be easily overlooked. We are thankful she is on our team.” Porter added.

Thank you, ReAnne, for your respectful nature and thoughtful delivery of information that ultimately provides great benefits to our patients. The respect and integrity you demonstrate exemplifies what it means to provide high-quality care and dedication to the patients we serve. We appreciate you!

About Hattiesburg Clinic WOW! Committee:

The WOW! Committee is a team of 17 Hattiesburg Clinic employees who meet on a monthly basis to discuss employee engagement initiatives. During meetings, they review nominations submitted by employees who are eager to recognize their coworkers. Nominations are submitted for coworkers who exhibit the clinic values – respect, integrity, commitment to each patient, compassion, fairness and vision.