Get Sinus Relief with Balloon Sinuplasty

Cold and flu season can put a damper on the holidays, and if you are one of the millions of people diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, it can be completely debilitating. Constant sinus pressure, congestion and discomfort can significantly impact your quality of life. Fortunately, Hattiesburg Clinic Ear, Nose & Throat may be able to help.

The physicians at Ear, Nose & Throat offer balloon sinuplasty as a treatment option for chronic sinus infections. 

Balloon sinuplasty is an alternative to traditional sinus surgery, which often involves the removal of tissue and bone to open the blocked sinus passages. While effective, traditional sinus surgery can be invasive and require a longer recovery period. Balloon sinuplasty, on the other hand, is a minimally invasive technique. This procedure is typically performed as an outpatient procedure and requires no cutting or removal of bone or tissue. Instead, it relies on a small, flexible balloon catheter that is inserted into the affected sinus passages and inflated. This inflation widens the narrow sinus openings, restoring proper drainage and relieving the symptoms of chronic sinusitis. 

The benefits of balloon sinuplasty make it an appealing option for chronic sinusitis sufferers. The procedure is performed in a comfortable office surrounding and downtime after the procedure is limited. Many patients can return to their normal activities with 48 hours. For most patients, results are often immediate and long-lasting.

According to Andrew M. Nida, MD, these benefits are what sets the procedure apart from more invasive options.

“Balloon sinuplasty is a quick, convenient and comfortable in-office procedure with 24 hours recovery that can provide long-lasting relief from sinus problems associated with sinusitis,” Dr. Nida said.

Another benefit of the procedure is that is done using only a local anesthetic. 

T. Luke Thompson, MD, believes balloon sinuplasty is a good alternative for patients who are not eligible for general anesthesia.

“Balloon sinuplasty has been an incredibly effective way to help our patients with chronic sinusitis without the need to be put to sleep,” Dr. Thompson said.

To find out if you are a candidate for balloon sinuplasty, schedule a consultation at Hattiesburg Clinic Ear, Nose & Throat today by calling (601) 579-3310.

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