Department Spotlight


Maternal Fetal Medicine Offers Specialty Care for High-Risk Pregnancies

Although many pregnancies are considered normal and only need standard prenatal care from an OB-GYN provider, there are certain circumstances that may require mom or baby to have additional testing, monitoring and treatment.

Through its expertise and services, Maternal Fetal Medicine helps manage these high-risk pregnancies.

“Our goal is to provide compassionate and knowledgeable pregnancy care in an effort to keep our patients as safe and healthy as possible,” said Manager Marilyn Kemp.

Marie M. Darby, MD, is the department’s board-certified maternal fetal medicine specialist. The staff also includes two specialty trained sonographers, a nurse and a receptionist.

Pregnancy complications Dr. Darby and her staff might treat include heart or kidney disease; hypertension; diabetes; multi-fetal pregnancy; seizure disorders; blood clotting disorders; advanced maternal age; preeclampsia; infectious diseases; and repetitive pregnancy loss.

Services at Maternal Fetal Medicine also include preconception counseling, genetic screening; and evaluation of fetal anomalies and growth disorders.

For fun outside of work, the staff enjoys going out to eat dinner together on occasion.

Maternal Fetal Medicine is located on the first floor of 28th Place, in Suite 120.