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Sharp Drop in Childhood Immunizations

Importance of Maintaining Childhood Immunization Schedule

Vaccination rates for children have substantially declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, causing concern for pediatricians.

In an October 2020 report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated nine million childhood vaccinations were missed in 2020. Currently, the CDC recommends children receive vaccines for at least 13 diseases, including measles, mumps, polio and whooping cough. Vaccinations help to eliminate, or greatly decrease, these serious illnesses that used to spread from child to child.

“Parents need to understand that these diseases are still present in society and pose a great risk to children if they are not vaccinated,” Anita S. Henderson, MD, president of the Mississippi Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics and pediatrician at Hattiesburg Clinic The Pediatric Clinic, said. “As social distancing requirements are relaxed, children who are not protected by vaccines will be more vulnerable to diseases such as measles and mumps. We urge parents to continue maintaining their child’s immunization schedule and well-child visits to ensure their child is healthy and safe, especially during this time.”

If your child has missed any of their vaccines, contact your pediatrician or visit www.hattiesburgclinic.com. You can also visit the CDC’s website to view the recommended catch-up immunization schedule.

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