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Monoclonal antibody treatment

Samuel N. Crosby, MD, discusses monoclonal antibody treatment

Samuel N. Crosby, MD, a physician at Hattiesburg Clinic, spoke with the Pine Belt News about monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid-positive patients.

In this interview, he discusses the increase in availability of monoclonal antibody treatment, who qualifies for the treatment and what this means for Covid patients.

“What’s better now is that we’ve got more of the medications and more access to resources to get it to patients,” Crosby said. “If we can get these to people early, we’ll have less people needing supplemental oxygen, less people developing pneumonia and less people getting blood clots.”

Crosby said health officials are doing their best to reach everybody who is positive for COVID-19, been exposed to the virus or is at risk of such.

“I don’t care what part of town they’re in, what the social demographics are – we don’t care,” he said. “We want to treat everybody, and to treat everybody the same.”

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