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Health care workers brace themselves for Omicron spike and staffing strains

As health care workers prepare for another wave of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, Rambod A. Rouhbakhsh, MD, principal investigator with Hattiesburg Clinic MediSync® Clinical Research, stressed the importance of booster shots in the fight against the rapidly spreading omicron variant. 

“Getting a booster will be crucial…we’re seeing less infections in the people who are getting boosted and hopefully [those who are infected] their symptoms will end up being less severe,” Rouhbakhsh said.

“This is a perfect time to get boosted while medical personnel are not overwhelmed because bear in mind, we’re going to get this as well,” he added. “So, we’re going to probably have some staff shortages coming up in the next two to three weeks. This is obviously coming off the holidays and people having symptoms. We’re concerned that we’re going to have some staffing shortages, and that’s likely going to make it harder for people to get vaccines and get tested and everything else.”

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